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Keep an eye on @studioenvie launching later this month!

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I have a few DIY projects that I've been saving to share with you, and a few more planned, so I'm introducing a new series called the DIY Files. I'll share the project, but also how it really turned out. No, honestly, they aren't all pinterest perfect. We'll soon find out, that's for sure. I saw this great project on Pinterest that added some easy glamour to white dishes. I love gold, so I was dying to try it. I figured if nothing else, they would make for some great gifts over the holidays. So I set up a spray paint booth in the apartment, got my gold spray paint, painters tape and set to work. I used a combination of spray paint and an oil-based paint sharpie to create the designs. I also used a stencil, which was helpful.  I'd say the success was only mediocre. There are a few...
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I haven't really talked about resolutions here yet this year. Mostly because I'm just not feeling them. I don't like to start the year with all these plans to overhaul my life and routine in an attempt to make myself or my life better. Same goes for waiting until Monday morning to start a diet - seize the moment and start now. Don't mistake this for not wanting to be a better person or strive for a better life - those are things I do want, but not in the form of an overachieving new year's resolution where I'll inevitably fail. No one likes to fail, and then I'll beat myself up about it for days/weeks/months. You know, because that's fun.  So yes, I will continue to strive for better fitness, better eating habits, work/life balance and the general being a better person. But I have a few other things I'm...
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In the spirit of the winter storm currently dumping snow along the east coast and the bitter temperatures that are accompanying it, I thought it would be appropriate to look at some unique and inspiring fireplaces. A good fireplace not only adds practical comfort on cold days, it adds an aesthetic that is hard to replicate. We don't have a fireplace in our apartment, but one of my favorite holiday channels is the yule log. Even that adds a little more "warmth" to the apartment!  Source: Contemporary Bedroom by Danville Carpet & Flooring Diablo Flooring,Inc I'll start by saying if I had a fireplace in my bedroom, I would never leave. Certainly not on days when the temperature is down to a balmy 0 degrees. Aside from loving this long, modern fireplace, these big windows, high ceilings and beautiful hardwood is to die for. I'm also really loving the pillows (side...
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It's a sad day when someone asks you what you think about the new pantone color for 2014...only to realize you haven't even heard about the color yet. While being elbow deep in finals, the new color was announced - Radiant Orchid to be exact. It's a pretty fancy name for pink, and what a color is it! Here's the article from the Wall Street Journal back on December 5th. Pink is a hard color to work with, even when it's just an accent color. Certainly in the form of this bright, bold shade, there is nothing subtle about it. But maybe that's the beauty of the color and the intent for 2014. You can't incorporate this brave color on accident. Here are some rooms that have incorporated variations of our 2014 hue, which I think actually came out pretty nice. Source: Houzz   Source: Houzz   Eclectic Living Room by...

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I love finding inspiration for a project - something that really drives the concept or direction of the room. I'm very inspired by the grandeur of the architecture, mosaic tiling and ornate details often found in India. Source: Wikipedia So I decided to put that inspiration into bedroom design - rich colors, vibrant plants, gold accents, mosaic tiles and more. Are you transported to India when you see this room?  ...
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Makes for one weak blogger. It's true, I've been a bit of a terrible blogger. But alas, life takes over sometimes and it's all I could do to keep my head above water. The good news is that I've finished my semester, and I'm brimming with blog post ideas. I'm wondering how I'll get them all out! So what have I been busy doing?  Let me give you a quick peek into the last few months.  First there was a wedding. Man was there a wedding. For those of you keeping track, my sister got married back in August and it was probably one of the most amazing wedding's I've attended and been a part of. They know how to throw a wedding. (Don't worry, I'm feeling the pressure for my own upcoming wedding!) Then there was a trip to the shore - the NJ shore to be exact. It was...

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I love the french country chic look at the moment. Perhaps it's because I'm really wishing I had a European vacation booked, but I also find the entire look very calming, simple but still refined. I recently did a small dressing room project that was perfect for this kind of look. Check out the mood board I put together to kick off the project: Sources: Photos, shoe storage, bench, light, hooks, curtains, basket Now I'm ready for an espresso, open air cafe and croissant!...

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  We're channeling the simple pleasures of summer today! Hope you're all doing something summery to celebrate life this weekend!

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I think planning and executing events is very similar to the interior design world. There's creating themes, color palletes, designing the details and then putting it all together in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Sounds pretty similar to design if you ask me! You may remember a post I wrote a while back about my sister's upcoming bridal shower. I was working particularly on the color scheme and theme for the big event, so shared my color board with you all. So I figured it was only fair to share some of the details from the day for your own event planning.    We held the shower at Stella Luna Ristorante, and they did a great job with the linens, food and service!       The confetti I ordered from PomLove on Etsy, the nail polish was an array of coral shades from Essie, and I was able to...


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